14 Affordable Caravans Under $50,000

Looking to buy an affordable caravan? Getting yourself a caravan and exploring Australia is more affordable than you may realise, even if you want to take the family, require an off-road caravan, and an ensuite, and air conditioning is a must, and you want to buy a new caravan! There’s no need to compromise on features or quality. Below are 14 affordable new caravans available right now for under $50k! Before starting, if you haven’t already, check how much room you have in your storage spot as that might help narrow things down. Most caravans and campers on this list come with the latest technology and are free camping friendly, with options available for improving your set up. So please, make yourself comfortable and keep your checklist handy as there’s a model for every necessity, be it a small caravan with ensuite, family caravans with bunks or hybrid off-road caravans or campers we have something for you. This article has been written to turn campers into caravaners, as you’re about to discover some fantastic new caravans for sale under $50k!

E Series E2 – $32,990 or $119 per week

Small Caravan with ensuite Fantasy caravans E Series E2 The E2 is a perfect caravan for a couples getaway. This full height small caravan with ensuite, at only 10ft, makes clever use of the compact space to give you features like a toilet and shower, a U shaped sofa that converts into a double bed at night, a small fridge and kitchen, and even an external shower to wash yourself down after those summer getaways at the beach. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F3L-B – $38,990 or $138 per week

F3L-B Family Hybrid Camper Perfect for a family of up to 4 people, the F3L-B is a full off-road hybrid camper at a very affordable price. Keep comfortable wherever you are with a reverse cycle air conditioner and full enclosed annexe and shower tent. With more standard features like twin 100aH batteries, 200w of solar, and an inverter, you and your family of loved ones will be stargazing around the campfire before you know it. View all the specs and features here.

E Series E4 -$40,990 or $146 per week

As you may already know, finding a full-height family caravan with a shower and toilet that can be towed fully loaded at 1,500kg is hard to find. The E4 is a 13ft lightweight caravan with bunk beds and packed with big features. There’s even an A-frame toolbox for external storage. Create a holiday playlist with your family and play it through the Bluetooth stereo and speakers while playing a board game on the U shaped lounge, and let the memories take care of themselves. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F1S-B – $44,990 or $160 per week

A small off-road caravan with bunks for only $160 a week? Yes, you read that right. You and your family could be exploring the hard to reach parts of this beautiful country of ours at a budget-friendly price before you know it. In this hybrid caravan, you will find twin 150w solar panels, 3 x 100aH batteries, an electric awning, Truma gas hot water system, an enclosed annexe and shower tent, twin 100ltr freshwater tanks, a grey water tank and more. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F3S-EB – $44,990 or $160 per week

If you’re looking for a 13ft hybrid camper with an ensuite and plenty of living space, the F3S-EB could be for you. The slide-out rear of this van creates the feeling of a large van, while the 3 x solar panels and batteries as standard keep power available to you for those long stints under the stars. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F3S-B – $44,990 or $160 per week

Going off road with the kids can be a challenge. You want a small van for getting to those hard to reach places, with a family-friendly amount of space. The F3S-B with slide-out rear is a solution to both of those problems. Not to mention the hot water system, annexe and shower tent, and electric awning that are all included to make the life of you and your family as easy as possible. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F1-E – $44,990 or $160 per week

Are 11ft caravans available with an inside shower and toilet, queen bed and dining area? Yes, and more with the F1-E. In this cleverly configured layout you will find enough room for all your essentials on the inside. On the outside there’s a toolbox for external storage, a slide-out kitchen with a 4 burner stove and sink and an external shower. This could be the best off-road caravan for couples with an 11ft body available today. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F1S-E – $45,990 or $164 per week

Imagine an 11ft van with enough space for an ensuite and a large north-south facing bed. in the F1S-E you won’t need to climb over the one you love, or visa versa, for those late night toilet trips. This small off road camper includes a rear slide out and creates enough room to keep everyone happy, no matter which side of the bed you sleep on. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F3S-E – $45,990 or $164 per week

Built for campers who like to get off road, want a compact van, and still want some creature comforts like a toilet and shower, north south bed and reverse cycle air conditioning. The F3S-EA, like many of our caravans, have a rear slide out to give you the space of a van that is much larger. With clever design and weight distribution 2 x large 100ltr stainless steel fresh water tanks and an 80ltr grey water tank are fitted to this off road hybrid style camper without the need to upgrade. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F3S-EA – $45,990 or $164 per week

If you’re looking for a 13ft hybrid with a combination toilet and shower, large slide-out north-south bed, full enclosed annexe with sidewalls and floor, with a good amount of internal and external storage, then the F3S-EA is for you. The powerful 280w solar panel and dual battery system will keep you topped up for long stays away from power while you enjoy the campfire and the sound of peace and quite. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F3S-D – $46,990 or $167 per week

Usually there is some kind of compromise when you buy a van. You may want a small, off road hybrid style camper with bunk beds, a north south main bed, air conditioning and a toilet shower on the inside. In the F3S-D you can actually have all of these things and much more – check it out! View all the specs and features here.

F Series F3S-L – $47,990 or $171 per week

Sometimes your first problem to solve is storage. Where are you going to park your van? Next you and your family decide you want to look at pop top off road caravans that are set up for free camping with a north south bed, internal ensuite, and of course bunk beds, all under 5.7mtrs. The F3S-L solves all of these problems and more with a quick and easy slide out. Those precious family memories that will last a lifetime are getting closer. View all the specs and features here.

F Series F5-EB – $49,490 or $176 per week

Coming in at just 15ft with a solid back, toilet and large north south bed, this pop top caravan with ensuite and bunk comes with everything you need to keep you comfortable on and off the road. Free camping fittings in the F5-EB include 3 x 100w solar panels, 3 x 100aH batteries 85ltr grey water tank, 2000w inverter and more, all for under $50k! View all the specs and features here.

F Series F5-B – $49,990 or $178 per week

Finding an off road pop top caravan with bunk beds 15ft or under without a slide out can be a task. The F5-B gives you just that with loads of inclusions to keep the whole family happy, including an inside dining area, hot water and an external shower with a full enclosed annexe, reverse cycle air conditioning, 2 x 150w solar panels and 3 x 100ah batteries, plenty of external storage, and a 22inch 12v and 240v TV to keep the family sane on rainy days, just to name a few. View all the specs and features here.

Warranty and support

Fantasy Caravan takes a great deal of pride in providing quality caravans, and our friendly staff are always ready to help if you need. We offer a first-class 5 year structural warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty, so you can breath easy knowing you’re covered if anything goes wrong. Find out more information on how we guarantee your investment when you join the Fantasy Family here.

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