5 Reasons you should try off road caravanning

Off road caravanning is an experience that you must try sometime in your life. Travelling around Australia with an off road caravan is the best way to explore the country and all the natural wonders it has to offer such as pristine mountains and beaches.

Although you will encounter some corrugated and unfinished roads, off road caravans are designed to safely get you from one place to the next – so travelling down the unbeaten path may be easier than you’d expect. Newer off road caravans come with all sorts of new features such as extra water tanks, solar panels and extra storage to ensure you’re comfortable. Plus, there are plenty of caravans that come in built with ensuite bathrooms, ample kitchens, TVs, and more so you can truly get to enjoy the off road caravanning experience.

Not convinced yet? We’ve come up with some benefits of off road caravanning below to change your mind.

Benefits of off road caravanning

With an off road caravan to power up your next adventure, here are a couple of benefits you can expect during your travels:

Freedom to go touring around Australia in your off road caravan

Investing in your own caravan will provide you with the security to explore the unsealed roads around mountains and beaches in Australia. You can finally spend time experiencing the land, rivers and untouched destinations with your off road caravan. Before buying your caravan, make sure your tow vehicle can tow it and that it has enough ground clearance for protection so it can drive smoothly over bumpy roads.

Staying at caravan parks in your off road caravan

Camping at a caravan park is a fun, relaxing, and unique part of your off-road caravanning trip. Caravan parks are the best place to reside when you’re experiencing heavy winds on the road or if you just want to save money on your journey. You’ll also have the best experience meeting like minded travellers at the caravan park. You won’t have to set up your camp gear at night – just head into your caravan to have a snooze on your comfy bed.

Off road caravans have better ground clearance for challenging terrain

Your off road caravan will have better ground clearance – with its stronger chassis, independent suspension using coil springs to act as shock absorbers over a beaten path as opposed to relying on the leaf springs in your vehicle. These features provide added strength, resulting in a better construction of your off road caravan to handle the gravel roads, bumps and rough terrain of Australia. The larger wheels of your caravan can also help support the overall weight so that it’s evenly distributed.

Off road caravans have the facilities you need for longer trips

The off road caravan you choose will be the right caravan for you. Caravans vary in styles, features, designs and functionality. Whether you want to go camping, glamping or just want a mobile home during your travels, the amount of money you want to spend will determine what you end up getting. Important features such as a shower and toilet in your caravan can make all the difference especially on longer travels on rough terrain and off roading adventures.

Off road caravans are designed for driving around the country no matter where you are and at any time

Off road caravans and semi off road caravans are best suited for most off road conditions and most terrains that you may encounter on your travels around Australia. With the right level of ground clearance, strong chassis, sturdy materials and design of your caravan, you’ll be sure to travel safely and in comfort no matter where you go in your off-grid adventures.

So what’re you waiting for? Organise your caravan journey today!

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Investing in an off road caravan for your tow vehicle so you can explore Australia could be the best decision you make. However, it’s important to research the right caravan for you and the manufacturer you’ll be purchasing from to embark on your trip. It can mean the difference between purchasing the right one for you or making the wrong decision and wasting your money.

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