Best Hybrid Campers

The Best Hybrid Campers From Fantasy Caravan

Hybrid campers truly do offer the best of both worlds, combining the amenities and creature comforts of an on-road caravan with the ruggedly-built durability of an off-road camper. At Fantasy Caravan, we specialise in hybrid campers that are designed to take you just about anywhere in Australia, with a huge range that covers everything from 11-foot micro hybrid campers to 17-foot family models.

While we’ve looked at some of our best off-road family caravans in other buyers’ guides, we’re focusing this time on the best hybrid campers for singles and couples. Read on to dive into some of our favourite models and find the right one for your next adventure!

What are Hybrid Campers?

Hybrid campers (also known as hybrid caravans or hybrid camper trailers) are a style of caravan that lets you get off-road and explore corners of the country that a traditional caravan couldn’t access. Built more ruggedly than a standard caravan, hybrid campers tend to have chunky terrain tyres, heavy-duty independent suspension and underbody plating to protect against rocks and bumps in the road.

While standard caravans keep all of their amenities contained within the four walls, hybrid campers are designed to mix indoor and outdoor living, with features such as the kitchen often located outside. Thinner, lower and shorter in length than traditional caravans, the design of a camper trailer makes it much easier to tow and affords greater access down remote roads and bush tracks.

With solid walls and a pop-top roof, hybrid campers are not as compact as camper trailers but are much more comfortable, being equipped with off-grid capabilities such as solar panels, batteries, and fresh and grey water storage tanks – in addition to this, they are typically faster to set up than a camper trailer.

Now that you have a good basis of what a hybrid camper is, it’s time to jump in and see what options await you in our range.

The smallest of our hybrid camper models, the F1S-E is an ultra-compact 11-foot pop top hybrid caravan that is perfect for couples or a solo traveller. With a slide-out rear compartment containing a queen size bed, the F1S-E has everything you need for a weekend getaway.

Although only 11-feet long, we’ve managed to fit an incredible amount into the F1S-E that is sure to impress even the most cynical caravan owner. In addition to the queen bed, the interior contains an ensuite bathroom in a shower-over-toilet configuration, as well as a bench seat and more than enough storage for two people.

Outside, you can relax in comfort under the automatic awning or cook up a storm on the slide-out stainless steel kitchen, with additional storage in the front boot for fishing rods, surf boards, or anything else you might need while you’re away. Equipped with our standard off-grid package, you never need to worry about keeping the lights on, with 2x150W roof-mounted solar panels connected to 2x135Ah lithium batteries.

Built for off grid adventures, the underside of the F1S-E is equipped with a heavy duty independent coil suspension and PEDDERS shock absorbers to soak up every bump in the road, no matter where you go.

A fixed-body alternative to the F1S-E, the F1-E is an 11-foot hybrid caravan that has all of the essentials for blacktop touring or off-road exploration. Substituting the slide-out compartment for an east-west oriented queen bed, the compact size of the F1-E allows you to go further and journey down those truly remote roads that wouldn’t be possible with a larger caravan.

In spite of its small size, the F1-E offers all of the same features as the rest of our F-Series range: an ensuite bathroom, ample interior storage, external slide-out kitchen, and a robust off-grid water and electrical package.

While you may struggle to entertain any friends you meet on the road, for travellers that are looking for a lightweight hybrid caravan where they can lay their head at night, you can’t do much better than the F1-E.

A 13-foot model in our F-Series range, the F3S-L is a low-height pop-top hybrid caravan. Like many of the models in the F-Series, the F3S-L features a space-saving slide-out rear compartment with a queen bed, along with an ensuite bathroom and a fixed bunk for a friend or child.

The compact size and low-height of the F3S-L makes it perfect for getting off the blacktop and onto some of Australia’s rougher roads, without ever feeling like you’re roughing it too much. The ensuite bathroom has a shower-over-toilet layout, with a freshwater feed coming from either mains water or 2x100L onboard water tanks, with outflow draining into an 80L grey water tank. This arrangement means you can set up at the caravan park in moments, while also allowing you to be truly self-contained once you get off-grid.

Enjoy the benefits of electricity even when you’re deep in the bush, with 2x150W roof-mounted solar panels and 2x135Ah lithium batteries, all controlled through a REDARC Manager30 Battery Management System. And when it comes time to cook, say goodbye to the campfire with our stainless steel slide-out kitchen, complete with a sink, prep bench, drying rack and four-burner gas stove.

Lightweight and mobile, the F3S-L is a fantastic choice for couples or singles looking for an affordable entry-level hybrid camper.

For anyone that wants the convenience of cooking inside when the weather takes a turn for the worst, the F5S-C is the perfect option. At only 15-feet long, the F5S-C is compact and nimble enough to take off-road without any worries, yet still spacious enough to offer all of the amenities you need to make those trips into the bush that little bit more comfortable.

As well as the standard rear slide-out queen bed and ensuite bathroom, you will also find a roomy twin seat dinette opposite the internal kitchen, which is the true standout of the F5S-C. Containing a four burner gas stove, prep space, fridge, and single-level oven, the kitchen gives you the ability to cook just as you would at home. And if the weather is fine, you can still prepare your meals outside on the slide-out stainless steel kitchen.

With our comprehensive off-grid package included as standard – and with the ability to upgrade and gain even more power generation – the F5S-C is designed for couples who are wanting to get away for extended trips without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Another fixed-body option from our F-Series range, the F5-A is a 15-foot hybrid camper for couples or single-child families. In place of the slide-out found throughout much of the F-Series, the F5-A has a fixed queen bed and a bedside table with built-in storage running up the length of one side of the bed.

A folding twin seat dinette sits at the foot of the bed, with extensive built-in storage and a dressing table opposite. An optional fold down bunk bed is located above the wardrobe and dressing table and can be set up in moments when it’s time for the young one to turn in for the night. At the front of the caravan, the ensuite bathroom has a standard shower-over-toilet configuration, with the sink built-in to a bench top by the entry door.

Outside, all cooking takes place on the slide-out stainless steel kitchen, which is supported by a fridge slide so that you can keep your food fresh while you’re on the road. With a 200L freshwater and 80L greywater tank, as well as our usual complement of rooftop solar and onboard battery storage, the F5-A is a versatile hybrid camper that will see you right for short trips and longer getaways alike.

For Families, Couples Or Solo Travellers, Fantasy Caravan Has You Covered

There’s no better way to get into nature than with a caravan, and at Fantasy, we’ve made it our mission to help you do just that. Whether you want an on-road tourer, hybrid caravan, or compact camper trailer, our extensive range has something for everyone. Perfect for families and individuals alike, head to our website and take a look at our full range of Hybrid Caravans and start your next great adventure today.