Difference Between Off road and Semi Off Road Caravans

Whether you’re going off road on a spectacular adventure or want to try a quick road trip away from the city, finding the perfect caravan isn’t an easy task. You need to make the right decision for you based on your needs. Whether you want extra water tanks, more storage in your caravan, larger wheels for comfortable travel on unsealed roads, a reliable solar power system or stone protection, it’s best to do your research before purchasing a caravan. 

Below you will find information on the differences between semi off road caravans and off road caravans. Both have their advantages and the below will help you select the right one according to your needs.

The Semi Off Road Caravan

Semi off road caravans are becoming popular as they accommodate travellers that enjoy a balance between travelling dirt tracks as well as cruising the highways and byways. These types of caravans are often fitted with semi off road suspensions and have a higher ground clearance. In addition to this, the semi off road van has a higher chassis, so they can travel off road from time to time. But keep in mind these caravans aren’t built specifically for extreme conditions or extreme off roading – in such cases, an off-road caravan would be the better option.


  • The semi off road caravan has a higher ground clearance. .
  • These types of caravans are lightweight as they don’t need to endure harsh conditions.
  • The semi off road vans are built from  lightweight materials.
  • They normally come equipped with independent suspension, solar and battery systems as well as extra generator storage allowing for off grid camping.
  • Semi off road caravans are usually fitted with a strengthened chassis and chassis raiser for better ground clearance on a dirt road.


  • Semi off road caravans are not built for extreme off road conditions on dirt roads or rough terrain.

The Off Road Caravan

Off road caravans are designed to withstand extreme off roading adventures. They often have a sturdy chassis, suspension and tyres that can travel on off road tracks and terrain. The frame of the caravan is raised so that there’s enough clearance off the ground. Off road caravans are built to last and are recommended for people who want to travel in rough conditions. These types of caravans are best suited for bigger vehicles as they’re heavier to tow. Off road caravans are made to last longer and are designed or built in with heavy duty materials. 


  • Off road caravans are purpose built to last and are made of tough materials.
  • They can withstand rigorous off roading adventures due to a heavy duty suspension system and shock absorbers as well as off road brakes.
  • These types of caravans are able to withstand off roading drives for long periods of time on rough roads.
  • The off road coupling hitch, which comes with the off road caravan makes it impossible to unhinge the trailer from your vehicle if you’re going on dirt roads or rigorous terrain.
  • Off road caravans are equipped with dust protection for driving on dirt roads.


  • Off road caravans are heavier than a standard caravan.
  • They need a heavy and powerful tow vehicle to transport it offroad.
  • They have a higher cost when purchasing due to their sturdy and heavy duty features and materials.
  • Off road caravans can have higher maintenance costs over time.

Which One is Best For Your Travels?

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate off-road driving adventure or a road trip away from the city, it’s better to choose the right vehicle and caravan for you. If you want to go on a little adventure just past the city but still want to be able to drive on dirt roads, the semi off road caravan is recommended for you. However, if you want to go deep into the Australian outback on rough terrain and dirt roads, the off road caravan is the best choice. Investing in a caravan is the best way to explore Australia and what it has to offer in comfort and flexibility with your friends and family.
Fantasy Caravans supplies a range of quality off road and semi off road caravans suitable for all types of travel. If you’d like tailored expert advice on which caravan will be right for your travels, get in touch with our team today! We’ll be more than happy to help.