Hybrid Caravans With Ensuite

Hybrid Caravans With Ensuite Bathrooms

One of the great joys of caravanning is the freedom it offers, and there are few better feelings than an open road ahead and an endless sky above you. With a hybrid caravan, that freedom is enhanced by the ability to get away from campsites and caravan parks, go off-road and explore some of Australia’s most remote locations.

However, there are definitely some campsite amenities that we all enjoy, and while a hybrid caravan offers valuable freedom to explore, not everyone wants to head outside to answer the call of nature. Whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day, an ensuite bathroom is never a bad addition to a caravan, which is why we’ve decided to highlight our favourite hybrid caravans with ensuite bathrooms.

An affordable 13-foot pop-top hybrid camper trailer, the F3S-EB follows a standard north-south layout with a slide-out sleeping area to make the most of the available space inside. Even at only 13 feet long, the F3S-EB manages to fit in an ensuite bathroom with a shower-over-toilet design, as well as an internal sink and bench at the head of the caravan.

All of these features make the F3S-EB the perfect entry-level caravan for any owner looking to get off-grid for a few days at a time.

The slightly bigger brother of the F3S-EB, the F5S-EB packs all of the same features into a slightly longer 15 feet frame, with the most notable addition to the package being a double-seat dinette in place of the single seat found in the F3S-EB.

With three 100W roof-mounted solar panels and three 100Ah AGM batteries, the F5S-EB is well-equipped for extended off-grid adventures and is ideal for owners who want an affordable caravan that offers a bit of extra space.

Part of our Low-Height Pop-Top range, the F3S-L is a compact hybrid camper designed for small families. With a slide-out bed and shower-over-toilet ensuite bathroom, the F3S-L maximises the available internal space by squeezing in a bunk bed at the front of the caravan.

With an internal sink concealed under the lifting bench, the F3S-L offers a lot of living space in a compact, low-clearance frame. Featuring 2x150W roof-mounted solar panels and 2x135Ah lithium batteries in addition to a brand new REDARC Battery Management System, the F3S-L is built to get off-grid for longer.

You wouldn’t think it would be possible to fit in an ensuite bathroom inside an 11-foot hybrid camper trailer but that’s exactly what we’ve done with the F1S-E. Even though it’s the smallest model in the Fantasy range, the F1S-E features an internal ensuite with a sink and shower-over-toilet, as well as the standard off-grid package our customers have come to expect from a Fantasy Caravan.

Would you rather have an ensuite bathroom or bunk beds? Well, with the F3S-D, you’ll never have to choose, giving you both options in an easily-towed 13-foot frame. At the rear of the caravan sits a slide-out queen bed to maximise the available space, while an east-west double bunk bed sits up front for those travelling with kids.

Packing a 200L freshwater tank and 80L grey water tank, you can now stay off-grid for even longer with the addition of a REDARC Battery Management System, 2x150W roof-mounted solar panels and 2x135Ah lithium batteries. There’s a reason why it’s one of our most popular models.

For couples with no kids but plenty of toys, the F3S-E offers endless storage to truly take advantage of the caravan lifestyle. Sticking with the shower-over-toilet arrangement of the F3S-D, the F3S-E substitutes the double bunks for a large front boot with side slide-out access, while also adding a dressing table with a built-in sink.

With an optional off-grid and luxury package available, the F3S-E offers endless possibilities for any couple looking to get away for extended periods of time.

Of course, if you want to go a little bigger than the two previous models, the F5S-C features an ensuite bathroom, interior dressing table, double dinette, front boot storage and an interior gas stove – and all this inside a 15-foot frame!

With so much on offer as well as the ability to add on optional upgrades, the F5S-C gives you so many configurations to choose from.

In case you haven’t figured out our naming conventions yet, the ‘D’ stands for a double bunk, and that’s exactly what the F5S-D features. Designed for the travelling family, the F5S-D maximises its 15-foot frame by including an L-shaped dinette to fit everyone in for meal times, as well as plenty of internal storage.

With new PEDDERS shock absorbers included as standard, the F5S-D is a camper trailer built to withstand the worst of Australia’s roads while still being small enough to tow with ease.

At Fantasy Caravans, we like to offer different configurations to suit the needs of every owner, whatever they may be. With the F5S-E, owners get the advantages of both front boot storage and a bunk bed without having to sacrifice one for the other.

The front boot offers access from the interior and exterior of the caravan, while the two-seater dinette converts to a flat single bed, with a folding bunk bed above. Packed with even more external storage and a cleverly hidden basin underneath the dressing table, the F5S-E is a truly versatile van for families that want options on the road.

One of the more unconventional models in our range, the F5S-S retains our standard slide-out design but rotates it into an east-west orientation, opening up the rear wall to offer ample interior storage space.

A corner dinette features a folding bunk bed above for an extra guest, while the external slide-out kitchen has also been rotated to align with the orientation of the bed, stowing neatly within the walls of the caravan when not in use.

The largest model in our hybrid caravan range, the F7S-E is a 17-foot pop-top caravan that has everything you could ever need and more. In addition to the standard slide-out bed and ensuite bathroom, the F7S-E features a folding bunk bed, convertible double-seat dinette, interior kitchen and a front boot for storage.

When space and amenities are your top priority, the F7S-E is the only caravan you should consider.

For short getaways and weekend excursions, the F1-E is one of the best options we offer. Only 11 feet long and with a fixed east-west queen bed, the F1-E is incredibly easy to tow and able to endure anything you can throw at it.

In spite of its petite size, the F1-E manages to fit in a full ensuite bathroom as well as an additional interior sink and plenty of built-in storage. Compact and cosy, the F1-E is a fantastic choice for any couple looking for a simple yet comfortable hybrid caravan.

If you want a fixed-body hybrid caravan that doesn’t sacrifice size, then the F5-A is what you’re looking for. Keeping a traditional north-south layout, the F5-A features a shelf running the length of the bed with plenty of built-in storage, as well as a folding bunk above the dressing table and wardrobe.

With all of our standard off-grid inclusions and the addition of Pedders shock absorbers and a REDARC Battery Management System as standard on all new models, the F5-A is fantastic for getting away on longer adventures.

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As you can see, you’ll never be short on options when you choose to shop with Fantasy Caravans. However, if an ensuite isn’t what you’re after, or you just want to know what else we have available, we encourage you to explore our full range of models, including hybrid caravans, on-road caravans, and camper trailers, and start your adventure with Fantasy Caravan today.