What is an Off-Grid Caravan?

Great off-grid caravans excel in two key areas. Their off-road capabilities and their self-sustainability. In essence, these caravans can get you to more remote locations and let you stay there for extended periods of time.

Off-Road Ability

To get to the more remote locations, off-grid caravans need strong off-road capabilities. This means a tough suspension system with shock absorbers, high ground clearance and heavy-duty construction.

Protection such as checker plate armour, an underbody protective frame and stone guards are very useful unless you want to damage your caravans exterior getting to those hard-to-reach places.


Once you’ve reached your off-grid destination and your caravan is set up, you want to be able to enjoy yourself without having to worry about running out of resources. The main ones to consider are food, water, 12v power, and an ensuite.

Food and Water

When looking at caravans, make sure there’s plenty of room for food to be stored in cupboards, and either an in-built fridge or a fridge slide to put one on. You’ll need enough water storage for drinking, showering, cleaning dishes etc. Large water tanks are a must.

On top of freshwater, you’ll probably want to store your caravan’s grey water so you don’t contaminate the environment you’re travelling to. Some national parks even require you to have a grey water tank in order to stay there.

12v Power

A good quality 12v power system will ensure you have enough 12v power to run your caravans essential items off-grid, such as your lights at night, fridge and water pump.

You’ll probably want lithium batteries as opposed to AGM batteries. Lithium batteries allow you to use around 90% of the stored power before you damage the battery, while AGM batteries only allow around 50%.

But don’t worry about damaging batteries, a good battery management system prevents you from using more of your caravans power than you should and tells you how much battery power you have remaining, like Redarcs Redvision Display.

With at least a couple of solar panels, a good battery management system, and lithium batteries, you’ll have enough lithium power for your caravan’s 12v essentials.

For how long, you ask? It’s impossible to say exactly. There are a lot of variables like the amount of sunlight your solar panels are getting, the power consumption of your fridge, and how often you’re using the lights. That being said, in most conditions you should be able to power your caravan essentials for a week or more and have some leftover for charging devices and luxuries like your stereo and TV.

If you want to run 240v appliances such as a reverse cycle air conditioner or most coffee machines, you’ll need an inverter installed in your caravan, or have a generator with you. If you’re using an inverter keep in mind that 240v appliances will quickly use up your caravans battery power.

Our Range of Off-Grid Caravans

The below Fantasy Caravans have been upgraded with premium additions for adventure-seeking travellers like you wanting to make their off-grid dreams a reality. Now standard on these models are:

  • 2 x 135Ah Lithium Batteries
  • Redarc Manager30 with Revision Display
  • Redarc 25A DC to DC Charger
  • Pedders Shock Absorbers

The compact 11ft F1S-E is perfect for exploring tight off-the-radar destinations. Built to last and designed with serious adventure seekers in mind, this hybrid caravan has the essentials for long stays like an internal ensuite. All that matters now are those wild adventures ahead…

The F3S-E is the perfect retreat for any adventure. This 13ft caravan’s internal ensuite and a slide-out queen bed make it feel much larger than its length suggests! Come see why this is one of our most popular models.

The F3S-D is your perfect adventure partner. With an internal ensuite and fixed double bunks, this 13 ft hybrid caravan is set up to take your family just about anywhere in comfort. The slide-out queen bed provides some additional living space when being indoors is necessary – so grab the kids and start making memories!
The F5S-D is the perfect off-road caravan for those who love to explore the great outdoors. With coil spring suspension, mud terrain tyres and plenty of ground clearance, this caravan will take you anywhere you want to go. Plus, it comes with double bunks and an ensuite, so your whole family can come along for the ride!
Not a foot is wasted in the 17ft F7S-E hybrid caravan. Once you’ve set up the slide-out queen bed there’s heaps of room to retreat to on your outdoor adventures. This model comes with an ensuite and is perfect for solo travellers or adventurous couples wanting to experience Australia in style.

You don’t need to tow anything huge to experience the great outdoors. The F1-E is an 11ft hybrid caravan designed for off-road travel around Australia, and this compact and durable unit fits right into any adventure. You’ll be free to go anywhere as this clever design includes the ease of an internal ensuite and a slide-out external kitchen. Check it out today!

With features like a queen bed, an internal ensuite, and a single bunk, the F5-A is the ideal 15ft hybrid caravan for young families looking to level up their outdoor adventures in comfort. Like all our hybrids, this caravan is built tough and ready to take on Australia’s rough conditions. Just imagine the places you could go in one of these…

Internal Features of our Off-Grid Caravans

Some of the internal features of our caravans that make off-grid living a dream are;

  • Queen-sized bed with an innerspring mattress for a great night’s sleep
  • Truma gas and electric hot water system for hot showers and washing up
  • Internal bathroom with shower and toilet so you don’t need to rely on amenities elsewhere
  • Spacious living area with comfortable leather seating
  • Clever storage spaces for your food and gear
  • REDARC Manager30 BMS with Redvision Display to manage and monitor your 12v power
  • REDARC 25A DC-DC charger to maximise the performance and life of your batteries
  • 2 x 135AH lithium batteries to keep you powered up
  • 2000w pure sine wave inverter for running 240v appliances
  • Rooftop reverse cycle air conditioner to warm you up or cool you down
  • Double-glazed windows with fly screens to hold the temperature inside or let the breeze in

External Features of our Off-Grid Caravans

These caravans will get you off-grid and keep you there with these features;

  • Heavy duty off-road suspension and mud-terrain tyres for getting off the bitumen
  • Pedders shock absorbers and high ground clearance for bumpy roads and tracks
  • Durable body construction protecting your caravan from rough conditions
  • Checkerplate armour and a stone guard for protecting your caravan
  • Awning for shade and protection from the elements
  • 2 x 150w solar panels to keep you charged up on long journeys
  • Anderson plug for plugging in your own portable solar panel
  • 2 x 9kg gas bottles for cooking and hot water
  • Slide-out kitchens so you can enjoy nature as you cook
  • Convenient fridge slide near the external kitchen
  • 200ltr fresh water tank and 80ltr grey water tank

Upgrade to the Off-Grid Package

For serious outdoor enthusiasts who want to take things up a notch this package includes;

  • PROJECTA 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • REDARC 40A DC-DC Charger
  • Extra 150w Roof Mounted Solar Panel
  • REDARC 200W Folding Solar Panel
  • Cruisemaster DO35 V3 Plus Coupling

What’s Next?

If you haven’t already, check out the above caravans to get a feel for the off-grid layout that’s right for you. After that, download a brochure to find out more. If you’d like some help visit one of our dealers or send us a message and you’ll be out experiencing the freedom of off-grid living before you know it.