Off-Road Family Caravans

Everyone’s holiday looks a little different when it comes to family off-road caravans. For some, a family holiday involves a beach house and a fishing rod, while for others it means hitting the campground for a few weeks of relaxation with friends. As you might have guessed, family holidays for the Fantasy Caravans team tend to be a bit more unconventional than most, and almost always involve a full tank of petrol and an open road ahead.

But as much as we all love hitting the campground or caravan park, sometimes you feel the urge to get off-grid and into the heart of Australia, and to do that you need an off-road caravan. Luckily, off-road caravans are something of a speciality for us and in addition to our range of solo traveller and couples caravans, we stock quite a few off-road family caravans.

So, if you’re wanting to pack up the car and get away from it all this summer but aren’t sure what model is right for your family, let us take you through some of our favourite family off-road caravans.

One of our smaller family caravans, the F3S-D is a 13-ft hybrid pop-top that is perfect for young families. Sleeping up to four people, the F3S-D features two fixed double bunk beds in addition to a slide-out queen bed that maximises the available space.

Inside the F3S-D, you’ll find plenty of cupboards for storage along with an ensuite bathroom containing a shower-over-toilet. Finished throughout with slick faux timber flooring, the interior of the F3S-D offers a stylish space to retire to at the end of a long day.

Built for going off-road, the F3S-D family off road caravan has ample ground clearance and PEDDERS shock absorbers to let you really get off the beaten track. Cooking takes place outside, with a stainless steel slide-out kitchen emerging from the body of the F3S-D complete with sink, prep bench, drying rack and a four-burner gas stove.

You never need to worry about running out of power when you’re in the bush either: the F3S-D comes standard with 2x 150W roof-mounted solar panels, 2x 135Ah lithium batteries, and a REDARC 25A DC Charger and REDARC Manager 30 battery management system as standard.

And if that’s not enough, you can always upgrade to the off-grid package and receive an additional 150W roof-mounted solar panel, 2000W pure sine wave inverter, and a REDARC 200W folding solar panel to give you an extra boost.

Measuring in at a slightly longer 15 feet, the F5S-D is a pop-top hybrid caravan for families that want a little extra living space. Featuring the same fixed double bunks and slide-out queen bed as the F3S-D, the F5S-D adds in a four-seat L-shaped dinette for family dining or as a space for the kids to do their homework, while offering the same storage and shower-over-toilet ensuite as the smaller F3S-D.

Off-grid capabilities come in the form of a REDARC 25A DCDC charger and Manager30 BMS, 2x 150W roof-mounted solar panels and 2x 135Ah lithium batteries, as well as a 200L freshwater tank and 80L grey water tank to minimise your impact on our unique Australian environment. Creature comforts include a Truma gas/electric hot water system and a rooftop reverse cycle air conditioner for those hot outback days.

Outside, cooking is done on the slide-out stainless steel kitchen, with the option to take cover under the electric awning in case the weather doesn’t play ball. Up front, another slide-out drawer is the perfect place to put a portable camping fridge so that you can keep your food fresh.

As with the F3S-D, you have the option of several upgrades, such as the off-grid package and the luxury package, to help you take your off-road adventure to the next level. With PEDDERS shock absorbers and a MCHITCH 3.5T coupling as standard, you’ll be able to take the F5S-D almost anywhere.

Coming in at 15 feet, the F5S-E is another pop-top hybrid that is perfect for first-time parents. With a slide-out queen bed, the F5S-E substitutes the double bunks for a folding bunk that sits above the dinette. And if your family grows or your child wants to bring a friend along on holiday, don’t worry, the dinette table folds drops down flat, transforming into another single bed in moments.

The ensuite bathroom and built-in storage remain, while an additional sink has been added on the interior dressing table, which offers even more storage underneath. In place of a rooftop air conditioner, we’ve installed an under bench reverse cycle air conditioner to help keep you cool year-round, in addition to several 12V fans.

Up front there is even more storage available, with space for 2x 9kg gas bottles and 2x 20L jerry cans, all protected with our signature black checker plate. A slide-out drawer is the perfect place to keep a portable fridge, and mirrors the slide-out stainless steel kitchen that you will find across our F-Series range.

Never have any doubts about getting to your destination: the F5S-E’s heavy duty independent suspension has been upgraded with PEDDERS shock absorbers as standard, while our standard package offers plenty of off-grid power to help make life more comfortable when it comes time to set up camp.

The F5S-S breaks the mould of the F-Series with its unique internal arrangement. Whereas other F-Series models feature a rear slide-out compartment, the F5S-S shifts it to the side, repositioning the dinette and moving the ensuite bathroom near the door, allowing for even more storage along the rear wall.

Perfect for small families, the F5S-S features a folding bunk bed above the L-shaped dinette, along with a shower-over-toilet bathroom and an extra internal sink by the front door. We’ve also changed the external layout of the F5S-S by recessing the slide-out kitchen in the caravan’s walls, creating a compact and well-designed cooking space where everything is within arm’s reach.

Off-grid capabilities remain unchanged with 2x 150W roof-mounted solar panels, 2x 135Ah lithium batteries, a REDARC 25A DCDC charger and Manager30 Battery Management System, with the option to add even more power generation through the addition of an extra 150 W roof-mounted solar panel, a 200W REDARC folding solar panel, REDARC 40A DCDC charger, and a 2000W pure sine wave inverter.

With heavy duty independent coil suspension, PEDDERS shock absorbers and chunky mud terrain tyres, you can tackle any road safe in the knowledge that the F5S-S has been built from the ground up for the Australian outback.

The biggest model in our F-Series, the F7S-E is for the family that wants to tackle the outback trails without sacrificing any of the comforts of home. A 17-foot hybrid, the F7S-E has a rear slide-out bed, folding bunk, and convertible dinette for the kids.

The ensuite features our standard shower-over-toilet arrangement, but where the F7S-E really shines is when it comes to cooking. In addition to the external slide-out stainless steel kitchen, the F7S-E has an internal kitchen complete with a sink and four-burner gas cooker concealed under a folding benchtop.

For those hot Australian days, the F7S-E has a rooftop reverse cycle air conditioner to keep you cool indoors, and an electric awning and fully enclosed annex for when you want to seek shade outside. With the option to add an extra 350W of solar power generation on top of the 300W that comes as standard, you never need to worry about keeping the lights on in the bush with the F7S-E.

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As Australians, we tend to overlook how lucky we are to have such a rich, diverse and immense continent on our doorstep, and caravanning offers one of the best opportunities to explore it. Whether you want to get away for a weekend or weeks at a time, there’s no better way to make lasting memories with your family than to pack up the car, hitch up the caravan and hit the road.

If you feel like it’s time to get out there and see the real Australia, head over to our website and find your nearest Fantasy dealer to start making lasting memories.