Questions to Ask When Buying a Hybrid Caravan

Wondering what questions to ask when buying a hybrid caravan? When thinking about buying a hybrid there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself to avoid some common mistakes. By reading this article you’ll learn the difference between camper trailers and hybrid camper trailers, what features to expect, and what to ask yourself before deciding on the best model for you.

Below you will find information on the differences between semi off road caravans and off road caravans. Both have their advantages and the below will help you select the right one according to your needs.

What is a hybrid caravan?

A hybrid caravan also known as a hybrid camper trailer, hybrid campers, and sometimes hybrid caravan trailers, usually means a cross between a pop-top caravan and a camper trailer. A good hybrid gives you the best of both worlds – a compact van that is easy to tow and set up, without sacrificing comfort.

Camper trailers are lighter weight, tougher, and more compact than most caravans. The compromise? Set up and pack up. Canvas, ropes and poles require some effort before you can settle into or leave base camp. A hard floor camper trailer also cannot be left packed down for long when wet.

Caravans do not require canvas, instead opting for a larger, insulated body, sometimes with a pop-top roof or solid walls that slide-out. The solid construction of a caravan adds size and weight which are two things you’ll want to consider when going off-road. The space can however be an advantage as it can allow room for luxuries, like a toilet and shower.

5 Key questions to ask when looking at hybrid caravans

What you can your tow vehicle tow

If you already have one, research your vehicle’s tow capacity. Start with your maximum towing capacity and maximum tow ball down weight. Then find out what your GCM limit is (Gross Combined Mass is the total weight of the tow vehicle and trailer, including luggage, bodies etc.). These are determined by your car’s manufacturer and you can sometimes find some basic info stamped inside one of your doors. If you don’t yet own a tow vehicle it’s often a great idea to go through the next steps before buying your new hybrid caravan and purchase a car to suit. You would be surprised by how many people only realise they cannot legally tow their van on the day they pick up. This is a key point to get right.

Pay attention to the ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass is how much weight including the trailer and luggage you can carry) and ball weight of the hybrids you’re looking at. Remember this will increase when your van is loaded. You’ll want to be capable of towing your camper at its loaded capacity.

Where you’re going to take your hybrid camper trailer

What kind of places are you going to explore? If you want to get off the beaten track and see what our country has to offer, you’ll want to a Hybrid made for Australian conditions. Start planning your first trip, or next trip, and see where that takes you.

What features you need

If you’re an off grid camper and don’t intend to often stay at caravan parks with power and water available, there are a few things you’ll want to think about. Do you want a hybrid caravan with an ensuite? Some places require grey water tanks to collect your waste water. Do you want to stay off-grid for long periods of time? You’ll need ample battery power and solar panels, and extra gas bottles.

Be practical and remember to differentiate between what you really need and what you want. Some common modifications can be made down the track through service centres, but will often cost more than from the factory.

Your budget

Set a budget but stay a little flexible. Any extra cost in having something built to Australian design standards and using quality components is money you’ll want to spend. If need be, good finance companies can help turn some or all of your purchase amount into small, weekly payments and get you on the road sooner.

The caravan’s warranty

Choose a product backed by the manufacturer and dealer network. You should be confident your warranty will keep you covered for years of use as this will likely be one of the biggest purchase decisions you’ll make. You can read the ins and outs of our impressive 5 year structural and 2 year manufacturers warranty here.

What are the features that come with hybrid camper trailers?

While some features will vary with different models, most hybrids for sale include a few key features. For going off-road, you can expect plenty of battery power, solar power, an inverter, an off-road coupling, and a spare wheel.

Other things usually included in the hybrid caravan price are an external kitchen, awning, reverse cycle air conditioning, internal or external ensuite, and a hot water service. We have a huge range on offer with varying levels of creature comforts and layouts to suit your needs.

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