As we have had several purpose built caravan hoists for the past 30 years, we have always done lots of chassis related work. Therefore we have always worked on lots of different caravan suspensions and become proficient at tackling any problems they face.

CruiseMaster & RideMaster Suspensions (Independent)

The CruiseMaster range of suspensions are very well designed and proven suspension now used extensively in the caravan industry. We are the Melbourne Agents for CruiseMaster and can handle any repair or alignment issues you may have. We also convert a lot of caravans over to the CruiseMaster or CRS suspension. These suspensions are available in single or tandem axle. Setup correctly they need very little maintenance, the occasional alignment adjustment, and greasing of the front bushes whenever the caravan is serviced. Our workshop always stocks all the Suspension Parts required to repair and service these suspensions.

Simplicity Suspensions (Independent & Load Sharing)

A very well regarded suspension that has stood the test of time. It was one of the first independent suspensions, and has traditionally used a leaf spring, however is now also available with a coil. Commonly found on Bushtracker Caravans, and a few years back many other brands such as Evernew, Roadstar, Paramount etc. Needs very little maintenance apart from toe-in adjustment. On the tandems the top bushes will need replacement at some stage and we recommend new springs at about the 100,000km mark (That’s a long way off!).

Knee Suspension (Independent)

A suspension mainly found on Coromal Caravans. It’s a simple independent suspension that needs very little maintenance. It rides on unique leaf springs and these springs only need replacing when they start to sag (anywhere from 60 – 80,000km). It is like the Simplicity system in that it is simple plus seems to virtually never wear the moving components it uses. The swing-arm on this system is different from the other Independent suspensions in that it hinges from the middle of the caravan, so when a spring is starting to flatten out it will let you know by wearing the inner edge of the tyre.

JTech Suspension (Jayco)

This reasonably new independent suspension is unique to Jayco Caravans. As we service a lot of Jayco’s we have already seen a lot of JTECH suspensions. It is well designed, robust and has already proven itself as a great feature for many Jayco Caravans. Periodic checking of the shock absorber, greasing of the front bushes plus occasional toe-in adjustment is about the only maintenance required .