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Slide-out compartments are nothing new to the RV market and have become increasingly popular amongst Australian caravan and motorhome owners over the past few decades. These caravans feature a section that can be extended outward from the main body of the trailer, creating additional living space within the caravan.

One of the main benefits of a slide-out caravan is the added space it provides. When the slide-out is extended, it can increase the interior living area by up to 50%. This can be especially useful for families or groups who need extra room to move around and relax during long trips.

Benefits of
Caravans with Slide-Out

Most traditional slide-out hybrids are large blacktop tourers that are usually 20ft+ in length, which somewhat restricts their usefulness. Here at Fantasy, we offer a large range of compact, hybrid caravans with a slide-out that are lightweight, easy to tow, and capable of getting off-road and into the heart of the country.


While most caravans with a slide-out are operated electronically by pushing a button, our preference for rugged durability and reliable operation has led us to do things the old-fashioned way. Once you arrive at your campsite, it takes only a few seconds to release the external latches and open up your slide-out compartment – with no electronics to worry about.

With eight models ranging from 11-17ft in length, browse our range of compact hybrid caravans with slide-outs and find the Fantasy Caravan model that’s right for your next adventure.

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