What is a Hybrid Caravan?

Off road hybrid campers provide the best of both worlds – the convenience of off road camper trailers, blended with the luxury travelling experience of a pop-top caravan. Hybrids take you where a camper trailer can but with added features and comfort.

A hybrid camper trailer is perfect for couples or families who want to get away from traffic lights and apartment buildings for a few days, weeks or months at a time, and don’t want to sleep on the ground. There’s a model for everyone.

Sleep, cook, and shower with complete comfort and peace of mind, while you explore the great outdoors around Australia. Our hybrid caravans include all the essentials you’re looking for and more – like a range of internal ensuite models and roof mounted solar panels, so all that’s left to do is plan your next outdoor adventure.

Where can hybrid campers take me?

Engineered with a blend of quality and luxury, our range of off-road hybrid campers are built tough enough to handle whatever parts of Australia you want to pull them through, and keep you comfortable.

Whether your idea of adventure is touring the coast from beach to beach, or bush bashing down every 4×4 track that promises serenity at the end, our off road hybrids are capable. Camping around Australia will forever be better with a quality Fantasy Caravan behind you.

Hybrid Caravans

Hybrid caravans are designed for the campers who want to search the open road for the simpler side of life in style.

Being an off road hybrid caravan owner means your next camping holiday couldn’t be easier – just hitch up and hit the road. There’s storage room for all your camping accessories even in the most compact of designs. In fact, the hardest part of owning a hybrid
caravan can be deciding where you or your family and kids want to go, because you can go anywhere!

Top Reasons to Choose Hybrid Caravans

  • Narrow Dimensions

    Hybrid caravans or campers have narrow dimensions so the wheels align with most 4WDs. This helps make on road and off road travelling and storage at home a breeze.

  • Bigger Spaces & Bedding

    Hybrids provide more floor space and often can fit up to a queen sized bed for peak comfort.
    Plus, if you’re bringing the family there are a range of hybrid camper models available with room for a bunk bed or two.

  • Quick Set Up & Take Down Time

    There’s no need to fold out tables, beds, and pack up again once you’re done – with hybrid campers most things are already set up for you.

  • All-round Weather Protection

    Hybrid caravans are built with hard roofs and walls to better protect yourself from harsh outdoor weather elements compared to standard camper trailers.

  • Off road capabilities

    Hybrid caravans made specifically for off road use also open up more areas you can travel to compared to camper trailers or standard on-road caravans.

  • Lighter than a Caravan

    Hybrid caravans are the lighter option compared to traditional caravans, which can make towing, parking and travelling easier.

Start exploring the best Hybrid Campers for sale in Australia, today!

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Whether you’re a couple or family in search of a camper to enjoy Australia’s natural beauty in, we have a hybrid camper trailer model available to do it in style. Browse our range of campers and if you have any questions on a hybrid camper trailer, give us a call on 1300 096 615!