They say good things come in small packages, and our pop top caravans for sale in Australia are a great example of this! Pop top campers have all the features of a normal caravan but offer more possibilities for exploration in Australia thanks to their retractable roofs. All of our pop top caravans are off-road ready, and their low profile makes them easy to tow and manoeuvre, especially in heavily treed areas. When you own a durable and compact pop top off-road caravan, you have the freedom to discover the best-kept secrets the Australian wilderness has to offer.

How Do Pop Top Caravans Work?

Pop top caravans work like any other caravan with the exception that you can ‘pop’ open the roof for extra space at the top. The pop top roof is made with canvas and can be easily popped up and closed down whenever you’d like.

If you’re curious about how to use a pop top caravan, come on down to one of our nearby Melbourne or Brisbane showrooms! Or visit one of our dealers located across Australia and our friendly Fantasy Caravan team will be more than happy to help you out with any of our pop top caravan range.

Are Pop Tops Worth It?

One of the biggest advantages with pop top caravans is how convenient and easy it is to store in your garage or home. Since pop top caravan roofs can be lowered, this allows for even greater maneuverability and parking in low ceiling or smaller spaces.

If you have a garage at home, our pop top caravans should be able to fit perfectly inside – away from rain, wind, and more. This makes our pop top caravans even easier to maintain for years on end!

Pop tops are also more lightweight than caravans, but still provide ample room and space for all your travelling needs. Simply travel with your pop top caravan closed or lowered, then when you’ve reached your travel spot, pop open your caravan roof and enjoy that extra bit of room and comfort while you unwind and enjoy Australia’s beautiful outdoors!

Find Pop Top Caravans with Ensuite Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bunk Beds, and So Much More!

At Fantasy Caravan, you can find all types of pop top caravans built in with a great range of features including pop top caravans with ensuite bathrooms (toilet and shower), kitchens, bunk beds, pull out awnings, and so much more!

In fact, here’s a sneak peek of our extensive range of features available in our pop top caravans for sale! 

  • Electrical – including batteries, battery chargers, LED lighting, Stereo speakers, radio and more.
  • Kitchen – including sinks, draining, boards, prep benches, gas stove & regulators, wind deflectors, fully lined cutlery drawers, electric pump drainer and hoses, slide out fridge compartments and more. 
  • Internal & Storage – including storage cupboards, adjustable reflective blinds, push open double-glazed windows, sofas, mattresses, and more. 
  • Toilet & Shower – including thetford toilets, external showers, electric vents with fans, washing rooms with showers and more.

Buy Pop Top Caravans For Sale in Australia Today

From hybrid pop top caravans, to off road pop tops and luxury or family pop top caravans, we have a huge range of pop top caravans for sale right here in Australia at Fantasy Caravan. There’s no need to search online any further for ‘the best pop top caravans for sale near me’ – you’ve come to the right place!

Discover more about our great range of pop top caravans by requesting a brochure or by booking a viewing today!