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From an adventure through Australia’s rocky terrain to dirt gravel roads, or exploring the unbeaten paths, our off-road caravans provide the best way to get off the beaten track in absolute comfort, luxury and security. Built to withstand the harshest conditions in Australia, our small caravans are uniquely designed to go where other caravans fear to tread.

Our off road caravans can make your next holiday an exciting and unforgettable experience. So if you are looking for a caravan that can take you to places other caravans can’t, look no further than a Fantasy Caravan.

Seven advantages of a small caravan

If you were to sum up the benefits of owning a small caravan in one word, that word would be “easy”. Compact caravans are:

  • Easy to tow

    Thanks to the lightweight and compact size of our little caravans, towing, reversing and turning is a dream. In addition, many of them won’t require you to upgrade your tow vehicle.

  • Easy to park and store

    Whether it’s finding the space to store at home when not in use or finding a great camp or when the compact size of these caravans offer more options.
    One of the perks of a small caravan is that you can park them anywhere.
    At home, our off-road models are also pop-top which means they can generally be parked under carports. At camp the petit size means there are more options and for free campers, our off road caravans can be dragged up tighter trails to reach the spots that no one else can reach.

  • Driving ease

    Take the stress and pain out of towing a caravan when you choose to go smaller. Load it up, hook it up and off you go. Small caravans are mostly under 15ft long
    compared to larger models which can be 20-23ft long. This means coupling your little caravan will be a lot easier and stress-free and you can say goodbye to the
    wobbles when it comes time to put the pedal down.

  • Easy to Get Away

    Be more impulsive. Hock up the van and head away for the weekend. Our compact caravans are perfect for short trips and long weekends away. You can be out
    enjoying the wilderness while the larger caravan owner is still planning! Be more impulsive.

  • Economical

    Small and light caravans mean you’ll save hundreds of dollars at the pump. A tiny caravan gives less drag and reduced pull so that when it’s time to fill up the car, you save. They’re light, great on fuel, and easier to handle.

  • Space for Storage

    All Fantasy caravans are built with smart nooks and storage options to allow you to bring some toys along as well as a picnic table and chairs.

  • Easy to Enjoy

    Our caravans are made to enjoy this beautiful land. Our range is packed with modern amenities, including internal kitchens, toilets and showers, and ensuites to ensure your comfort. Need a bit of extra space? how about a model with a slide-out extender double bed? Have a growing family? We have single and double bunk models. Enjoy outdoor living with external kitchens. Every trip is different, and we have a van for every traveller.

Some tips and tricks to get the most from your Small Caravan

Get hooked

Small floorplan a bit tight? Fear not, caravaners; here’s a cheap and easy fix. Hang items such as pots and pans, keys and other bulky kitchenware on hooks, clips, or suction cups.

Collapse and relax

Purchase fold-out or pop-up items for the price of your morning coffee. Install them in your small caravan and head in the direction of free camping. Collapsible baskets, tabletop ironing boards, and clotheshorses triple your space. Drawer dividers and slide-out shelves, when packed correctly, increase the length and width of your caravan’s living and dining area while affording you stylish creature comforts from home.

Stacks of fun

Stackable storage tubs are the small caravan’s best buddy. They’re stylish, lightweight, and deliver extra space while remaining affordable. Stack them sky-high while keeping the price low. Deliver your travel companions peace of mind by optimising your space. Knowing your caravan’s length and height will improve your space-saving skills.

Best foot forward

Install a hanging shoe rack to conveniently load food, toiletries and other essential supplies that would otherwise spread out into precious space. A hanging shoe rack acts as a set of shelves. They were cheap, and they look great.

Opposites attract

Your ordinary caravan wall is now capable of serving as a vertical space-saving device. Use wall-mounted magnetic strips to hold kitchen knives and stationery and keep your kitchenware in an easily accessible out-of-the-way place.


Look around your caravan. In most Fantasy Caravan models, there is abundant unused space perfect for storage. Check under your bed. Take a peek behind your dining area. You’ll be happy to note that these areas offer premium storage.

Hang tight

If packed correctly, the length and width of your caravan’s ceiling compromise impressive hanging space. Vast wardrobes containing light kitchenware, crockery, and cooking utensils can be installed.

Ready For big adventures in a Small Package?

Fantasy Caravans produce the perfect little caravan, ticking all the boxes without compromise. They are made with durable, high-quality materials and have enough space for you to bring everything and everyone. We number of models in the range to cater for all travellers.

Contact our team or one of our dealers today and we will help you find your new caravan.