Adventure Range

Off-Road Hybrid Caravans

Our Adventure Range offers enhanced functionality and superior performance in the form of off-road hybrid caravans. These caravans provide a genuine showcase of home living, brimming with upscale luxury features and unique characteristics.

These off-road hybrids enable you to embrace carefree living in more challenging environments. With a higher quality assurance and support from leading brands, you can adventure in extreme natural settings without relying on caravan parks for power supply. These modern caravan designs are ideal for most families, delivering precisely what you desire.

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With abundant off-grid energy, explore boundlessly, conquer challenging terrains, and immerse yourself in the wild, fueled by the power for your extraordinary adventures in the FD Series of off-road hybrid caravans.

Unleash your inner chef with the huge outdoor pantry kitchen for on-the-go culinary adventures. This electric pop-top off-road hybrid caravan range ensures easy handling, effortlessly elevating your travel experience.

Delivers off-road prowess and user-friendly design for couples seeking rugged exploration. Navigate diverse terrains with confidence, enjoying an intimate space crafted for two.


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5 years

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