Explore our range of Caravans For Sale at Fantasy Caravan today including luxury, off road, hybrid, family caravans, campers, and more – all with a selection of features such as full ensuite, toilets, shower, kitchen, bunk beds… the list goes on!

Our caravans are built and designed to withstand all types of conditions in Australia – with off-road capabilities, fully galvanised construction, and heavy-duty suspension as a standard across all of our models. 
We pride ourselves on our products’ quality and put up only the best luxury and hybrid off-road caravans for sale. All our packages are engineer-certified and comply with Australian Design Regulations and Australian Safety Standards.

Types of Caravans

Finding the best caravan starts with choosing the right type for your travelling needs. At Fantasy Caravan we offer the following types of caravans:

  • On Road Caravans
  • Luxury Caravans
  • Off Road Caravans
  • Hybrid Caravans or Campers
  • Pop Top Caravans
  • Family Caravans

Learn more about which type is best for you below! Or if you prefer to have a quick chat, simply call or get in touch with our team at Fantasy Caravan today.

Luxury Caravans For Premium Travel & Comfort

Travel down the unbeaten path without having to sacrifice comfort or convenience with our Luxury Caravans For Sale at Fantasy Caravan.

Fitted with everything from wide screen televisions, to stereos, skylights, grills and so much more, you’ll experience the best of what Australia has to offer with our comfortable, premium luxury Caravans for sale.

Off Road Caravans For Exploring the Unbeaten Path

Fantasy Caravan’s Off Road Caravans are built to handle whatever you throw their way. Built for the tough terrain and conditions of Australia, our off road caravans are the top choice when it comes to safe and comfortable caravan travelling.

Browse our range of Off Road Caravans For Sale today!

Hybrids That Bring the Best Out of Caravans & Campers

Hybrid caravans and campers are perfect for travellers who enjoy the convenience of a standard caravan, but the true outdoor camping experience of a traditional camper trailer.

Fantasy Caravan Hybrids are ideal for those travelling with a 4WD, looking for bigger storage or space than campers, prefer faster set up/take down times, as well as have off road capabilities for the casual off-grid adventure.

Pop Top Caravans For Economical & Smarter Travelling 

Pop top caravans are just like any other caravan but feature a lowered roof while travelling (made of canvas). This helps save fuel while expanding more space or room when you’ve stopped by or stationed at your camping spot.

Many of our Pop Top Caravans are also Hybrids – for any questions on which Pop Top Caravan is right for you, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Family Caravans That Keep Everyone Happy 

Our Family Caravan range has the capabilities to fit up to 8 people and boasts large ample space, storage, amenities and more.

Travel in style, comfort and safety with our range of Family Caravans for sale at Fantasy Caravan.

For more information about our Family Caravans, book a viewing or request a brochure today!

Buy Caravans For Sale in Australia Today

After experiencing the superior quality and comfort of Fantasy Caravan’s off road, hybrid, luxury, and family caravans or campers, you’ll never need to search online for ‘caravans for sale’ or ‘buy caravans near me’ ever again.

Fantasy Caravan is your go-to Caravan and Camper provider in Australia – dedicated to providing premium quality caravans through unmatched customer service and support.

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