Fantasy Caravan F5S Hybrid Camper Review

Chris from reviews our four berth F5S family hybrid camper.
Around two tons unloaded and not much wider or higher than their trial blazer tow vehicle, our Fantasy hybrid squeezes through gaps that bigger vans struggle to get through, while the d035 hitch and rugged core spring suspension, mud terrain tires and plenty of ground clearance and body armor, make it ideal for off road adventures.

One of the selling points is how much equipment you get for the price. 3 x 100aH batteries, a 15 amp charger, a 2000 watt inverter and 2 x 150w solar panels. That’s a lot of 12v grunt for the money.

After unlatching the pop top roof and pushing it up, it takes about a minute to open up the steel rear bed extension, which neatly folds out after dropping down the two strut assisted spare tires. You also need to pull out the kitchen and fridge while making things easier is a power assisted entry step and roll out awning. The stainless kitchen is well equipped with sink and tap, which runs off the twin 100ltr water tanks, while the wind-protected four-burner cooktop hooks up to the 9kg gas bottles.

External storage includes a locker for the annex, walls and shower tent and some useful spots in and around the kitchen. Plus, there’s another rear locker with a generator slide and pull out drawers. Step inside the family friendly interior, and immediately to the left is a cupboard and bench space.

This lifts up to reveal another sink and a mirror not far from the combination shower toilet, which has a solid door and vinyl roof lapse to keep the water in at night. The two person cafe dinette easily converts the bunk beds for a couple of small children, while around the large parents bed are two sets of lights, plus a couple of 12v fans and a TV.

There’s also plenty of natural light and ventilation once you open a few windows and an under bed air conditioner with floor mounted vents to keep you cool or warm, depending on the conditions. Storage inside is pretty good too, including a wardrobe and more cupboards directly opposite the bunks.

For under $50,000**, you’re getting a lot of family fun in the great outdoors with this 15 foot Fantasy Caravan.

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F5S Hybrid Camper Review


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