How to Set Up a Fantasy Caravan Fold-Out Bed

Our range of slide-out caravans has found favour amongst Aussie adventurers for their ease of setup and space-saving design. In this video, we show you how to set up your Fantasy Caravan fold-out bed in less than 30 seconds, and have also included a step-by-step guide below for your convenience. Happy travels!

Step 1: Release the red retention clips on the pillars of the twin spare wheels and fold them down until they lay flat. Don’t worry, the pillars are engineered to hold the weight of the wheels in this position, so you won’t damage them.

Step 2: Press the two black buttons on the left and right of the rear panel, and lift it up with the handle in the middle. Be sure to keep a hand on the panel when you lift it overhead so that it doesn’t fall on you.

Step 3: Twist the black knobs on the rear doors outwards to release the catch, and swing the doors out so that they support the rear panel.

Step 4: Now that the overhead panel is supported, release the spring latches on the top corners of the rear wall and lower it down carefully.

Step 5: Once the rear wall is down, reach into its interior and release the latches. Grab the handles on the folding rear wall and lift it into place, before securing it with the black knobs in the upper corners.

Step 6: Once you have double-checked that all the pieces of the fold-out bed are secured by the relevant latches, it’s time to reward yourself with a well-earned nap in your new bed!


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